I had a dream in which I met an adult woman who had been found at sea as an infant. The sailors who found her named her Jessica Shipwrecked, but gave her a bunch of aspirational middle names. I’ve forgotten all but one of them, but they were things like Author, Teacher, Navigator, etc. The one I remember was Cyborg. One key point in the dream was how she had to figure out how many of her middle names she could fit in when she got an account somewhere.

Heading out for her evening walk last night, the dog saw one of the neighbor dogs that she likes to tussle with, and lunged that way. I didn’t let her get loose, but the leash did twist my pinky, which is now all sore and swollen. (The swelling even spread to my ring finger, so I took my Oura ring off, just in case. But it fits okay on my left hand, so I haven’t had to quit wearing it.)

I’m managing the injury okay with rest and ice (and drinking some collagen), but I fear I’m going to have to miss my HEMA class this evening: My hand isn’t up to swinging a sword.

My right hand, the pinky and ring finger somewhat swollen