We went to the garden early, to harvest and water. (Right now, anything you want to do has to be done early, because of the heat.)

We took a lot of sunflowers—and these are on top of the flowers we got two days ago, and the ones from a couple days before that. We’d given away a bouquet to a woman with a garden plot near ours, and two bouquets to Jackie’s mom (one for a neighbor of hers), but we still had so many flowers that Jackie had to be quite inventive to find enough containers to use as vases, and enough places to put the vases.

So, I thought I’d take a picture of each bouquet, and then take a spin at using the blog’s ability to display galleries of images, and show off the many sunflowers currently decorating every room in our apartment. They’re not the best photographs ever, but with such a pretty subject as sunflowers, it’s possible to get nice pictures anyway. Click an image to embiggenize it.

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5 thoughts on “Today’s sunflowers

  1. I love your sunflowers! (I was a partner in a firm to press oil from sunflowers, with the eventual goal of making biodiesel from it, but we went bust, alas.)

  2. Bummer.

    One year we grew a different kind of sunflower that produces one huge flower head with vast numbers of seeds. I suspect it would be better for biofuel production than these. But these are awfully nice for brightening up the place.

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