Incognito Writers Group
Philip Brewer, Caleb Wilson, Kelly Searsmith. Photo by Charlie Petit

We’re a group of Champaign-Urbana area writers of speculative fiction who get together once a month to critique one another’s work, talk about writing, and generally support one another’s creative efforts.

The focus of our group is on short works of speculative fiction by serious writers:

  • By short works we mean anything from flash fiction up through novellas (less than 40,000 words).
  • By speculative fiction we mean anything that’s likely to be marketed as science fiction or fantasy, including sub-genres, slipstream, etc.
  • By serious writers we mean people who are writing for commercial publication and are actively submitting their work.

If that describes you and your writing, you’re local to the Champaign-Urbana area, and you’d be interested in joining, please get in touch.

If our group isn’t a match for you, here are the other Champaign-Urbana area writers groups that I know of:

(I’d be glad to add other Champaign-Urbana writers groups here. Send me a link.)