For my first Micro Monday I’d like to echo @jack recommending @hollyhoneychurch, and recommend my brother @limako (even though he weirdly uses some Drupal thing to grab his twitter feed, turn it into blog posts, and then share that to

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6 thoughts on “2019-09-09 19:31

  1. @hollyhoneychurch Weird. On I see ‍♀️‍♀️, but by the time it gets web-mentioned to my blog all I see is ‍♀️‍♀️. Either way: . (That’s supposed to be a smiley face, but it doesn’t get to the blog either.)

  2. @philipbrewer If you insert an emoji in a post on your blog, does it disappear there, too? The ♀️ symbol is an old-school, pre-emoji Unicode pictoglyph, U+2640, that was emojified when emoji were added to Unicode, but it’s in the older, standard glyph range, which to me explains why it survives (it’s used with a zero-width joiner to provide gender to human emoji, which then display as a single man-or-woman emoji glyph).

    I’m wondering if there’s some setting/misconfiguration on your blog that’s stripping higher (emoji) codepoints. (WordPress’s history of internationalization support has been checkered, at best, from defaulting to Latin-1 database tables for waaay too many years to truncating posts/titles/etc any time it encountered a character beyond the Basic Multilingual Plane to…who knows what else.) I’m thinking there’s a gremlin in there eating your emoji.

  3. @smokey On top of everything else, I use uMatrix and run with most scripts turned off, which could easily explain the various problems I see with emojis. (Which I scarcely use, and so have not bothered to debug—but thanks for for the info!)

  4. @philipbrewer A lot of sites implement emoji support through JavaScript and images instead of natively with fonts, so those browser settings could explain missing emoji you encounter around the web.

    This particular case, though, appears to be at the blog level rather than the browser level, because the rest of us aren’t seeing them in the displayed webmention on your post, either :-)

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