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[LCRW #13 Cover] "Salesman" is in Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet, Issue #13, edited by Gavin Grant and Kelly Link.
The blonde sipped her gin and tonic, looking at me appraisingly over the rim of her glass. "So, what do you do for a living?"
How to answer? It wasn't a hard question. It was just that I hardly ever bought attractive women drinks, and therefore had limited experience in making the related small talk. "I'm a kind of salesman, I guess," I said. . . . "On the Beach", a micro-story, is available on, a market that publishes very short stories suitable for reading on held-held devices like PDAs and cell phones. This story is free to read on the web; just follow the link. Enjoy!
[WIHA "Anger Management" in the anthology Why I Hate Aliens, edited by Marissa Lingen. Published by Stone Garden (out of print).
"Whatcha in for?" my cellmate asked.
He was an easy three hundred pounds with close-cropped hair and jail-house tattoos on his hands. The only thing not intimidating about him was his voice, which was high-pitched, almost squeaky.
"Assault," I said. That seemed safe. Not impressive, maybe . . . .
Speculations "Story Structure in Short Stories" in Speculations, February, 2002 (issue 45), edited by Susan Fry.
[Bones of the World cover] "New Song of Old Earth" in the fourth Darkfire anthology Bones of the World: Tales from Time's End, edited by Bruce Holland Rogers, from SFF Net, 2001, ISBN 0-9669698-4-7. Available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or directly from the publisher, SFF Net.
I usually refer to my clients as "the accused." But, in my own mind, I usually think of them as "the prisoner." Certainly I thought of Martin Tyo that way, even though he wasn't, really--he had a cheap room in a hotel near the transit station.
There was no need to put him in a cell. He was already ten years from yesterday. . . .

[Age of Reason cover]

"Reading is Fundamental" appears in the second Darkfire anthology The Age of Reason: Stories for a New Millennium, edited by Kurt Roth, from SFF Net, 1999, ISBN 0-9669698-1-2. Available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or directly from the publisher, SFF Net.

I'm hiding in the tall weeds behind the compost heap, which is good, because the sergeant looks behind the woodpile before heading to the outhouse. I listen real carefully and am glad to hear the splashing sound of a good piss. That always puts the sergeant in a good mood. If he can start the day with a good piss he'll usually give me breakfast. Otherwise I sneak away and don't come back until lunch time. . . .

[Judges Guild Journal cover]

For completists, my other published story, "The Nightmare Flask" can be found (if you happen to know a collector of obscure gaming journals) in The Judges Guild Journal, Oct/Nov 1979 (number 17).