2019-09-15 9:09

It is my considered opinion that no article on medical marijuana, CBD, or THC should use the phrase “There is little scientific evidence” without adding “because for decades the federal government prohibited the research that would have produced such evidence.”

2019-08-29 07:02

Image from NASA Ames Research Center.

All writing, imagery, etc. produced by the federal government is automatically in the public domain, available for anyone to use, share, remix, etc. For example, here’s a NASA page with some 1970s concept images of space colonies: https://settlement.arc.nasa.gov/70sArtHiRes/70sArt/art.html (via @AlanRalph).

2019-08-11 15:21

A rare treat today: A grocery store bagger who knew what she was doing. (Kids these days have no idea that the V8 juice cans shouldn’t go on top of the bananas, that each package of chapstick doesn’t need its own bag, or that you shouldn’t put one lonely perishable item under all the paper products.)

2019-07-17 13:33

I’ve just observed a horrible Firefox misfeature. If I click to select a URL and then drag it into another window it no longer drags the URL. Inexplicably, it now drags the title of the webpage as a link to the URL (which, you know, would be fine except that it’s not what I want).