2020-04-10 06:21

I do not understand the logic of “[Brand name] fake meat is awesome. There’s no reason to eat real sausage.”

We’ve got 50 years of evidence that hyper-palatable industrially produced food-like substances are bad for you, but people somehow think that hyper-palatable industrially produced meat-like substances are going to be different?

2020-03-31 13:00

I use tt-rss, which provides a mechanism to produce an RSS feed of “shared” posts, and optionally include an “article note” for each. I point my micro.blog at the produced feed (as well as my WordPress blog), which works great, except that the article note sometimes shows up on my micro.blog feed and other times does not.

If @help (or anybody who can parse an RSS feed) could look and see what the difference is, I’d be very interested: my feed of shared items.