Philip Brewer's Writing Progress


Sunday, 21 January 2001

I finished a first draft of the Goo story. Still no title. I'm printing a copy for Jackie to read, and have sent a copy to Steve for him and Mom.

That's enough to make it a good weekend all by itself.

Besides that, we got a birthday present for Mom and went to see "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon"--a great movie.

The main thing we didn't do was lift weights. But we're not actually behind yet, as long as we lift on Monday.

I have no idea what I'll work on next (except for revisions to the Goo story, of course). I'll be interested to hear what comments there are on it. It is a bit shorter than my average story--3970 words. It, with another story about the same length, would make a good submission to Clarion West. Maybe the next thing to do is to go over the Brother's story. It's about the right lenght and quite different. Together they'd show off my strengths, such as they are.


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