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Wednesday, 21 March 2001

My mom's here to visit! That's always fun.

We all turned out to be up early this morning, so we went to the Fitness Center, even though we hadn't made a plan to do so. What with my cold followed by Jackie's cold, we hadn't been in 10 days. Pathetic. Still, it was a good workout.

A coworker put together a machine running OpenBSD for use as a firewall machine for my home network. I've just about got it configured the way I want now.

One thing I haven't done yet is install a much bigger disk. I think I will, though. I'm planning on bringing my laptop to Clarion. It is entirely satisfactory for writing, but it doesn't have any removable media. That makes doing proper backups hard. One possibility I'm considering is to make a volume on my firewall machine that I remote-mount. Then I could backup my files from my laptop to my home server.


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