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Saturday, 07 April 2001

Got some writing done, finally. It was like pulling teeth, though, to get words out. Normally I can always write something, but today I just couldn't write until I knew where the story was going. So I spent a lot of time sitting and thinking, trying to figure out what the end was. I came up with something, finally. It'll mean rewriting the beginning again (although not totally). I saved that for later, though, trying to get a chunk of the middle down. I like it well enough, but it was hard work. I'm glad it's not always like that.

The day was pretty productive in other areas, though. I got up and went for a run, then finished up the taxes and got them into the mail, went to a bookstore, had lunch out, and did a bit of clothing shopping, all by early afternoon. Then I spent the rest of the afternoon and all evening sitting at the computer trying to write. Well, tomorrow is bound to be easier. (I'm shuddering just a bit, thinking what it would mean in a cheap adventure novel if a character said that.)


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