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Friday, 13 April 2001

No writing today. But I have been thinking about the story, and I have both a pretty good idea how the rest of the story plays out and of some tweeks to do in the stuff I've already written to make the payoff work

Yesterday was a rest day, but today I ran (1.5 miles) and lifted.

The last time I ran and then lifted right after I was still doing short, pathetic runs. I got my runs up to over a mile just a few days ago, but the only day I lifted since then was a recovery day and I did an easy spin on the stationary bike instead of running. I did today, though, and it was a bit much. I did okay on the lifting itself, but then I was dead tired. (I had trouble getting up the stairs from the locker room, down the steps that lead out of the Fitness Center, and up the stairs into our apartment.) However, the tiredness passed pretty quickly and I think I'm mostly recovered.

I spent a bunch of time the past two days configuring my home firewall machine. I decided that I wanted to turn it into something of a server that I can access from elsewhere. In particular, I want to be able to reach it from Clarion to store backups and to have installers for important programs that I might need if I have disk problems while I'm away. So, I bought a 40 GB drive and installed it (with help from friends at work). I'm still working on getting it to serve some file space via AppleTalk.


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