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Saturday, 21 April 2001

I like yeast. They're such energetic creatures. Give 'em a little water, some carbohydrates, a bit of warmth, and zoom--more yeast. Lots more yeast.

And that's not all. Yeasts make alcohol, one of my favorite molecules. They make bread rise. And, when it is time to bake the bread, they give up their lives uncomplainingly.

Jackie was going to make pizza for dinner last night, but we went to the art show instead. She had already started the sponge and was a bit worried about it, but I assured her that it would do just fine in the refrigerator. After my run today she took it out of the fridge to start warming up while we went and lifted weights. Now the dough is rising. Pretty soon it'll be pizza crust.

I wonder if there's a Yeast Council that puts out ads to promote the yeast industry? Maybe I should see if I could write something for them.

I eked out my usual 1.5 miles. I was hoping that I'd be ready for 2 mile runs pretty soon now, but I didn't feel like it today. I need to run more days a week to make any progress.

I made some really good progress in the morning, adding around 600 words. I also wrote (most of) one of the more difficult scenes. I'm really pleased with it. The afternoon saw another 200 words before I stopped to run and lift. That's it, though. Tonight we're watching "Romeo and Juliet" on tape from last week.


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