Philip Brewer's Writing Progress


Monday, 23 April 2001

Made just a bit of progress. Decided how to handle the scene I was stuck on yesterday and wrote it. That brings me to 3860 words.

My stories always tend to come out longish. My most natural length is probably 7000-10000 words. That's not totally unmarketable, but such stories are a pretty tough sell for someone whose name won't sell magazines.

It occurred to me recently, though, that the stories I tend to write are just about the right size for screenplays. I don't really want to do what it would take to make a living as a screenwriter. (To begin with, I don't want to live in Los Angeles--I lived there for almost a year and I didn't like it). So, my insight doesn't really change my thinking in terms of career plans or anything. Still, it pleased me to think that there is a market for stories of the length that comes most naturally to me.


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