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Saturday, 19 May 2001

Today I shifted to using my iBook as my main computer, instead of my desktop machine. This will give me a couple weeks to verify through use that I have everything I need on the laptop to see me through Clarion. I also created a remote-mountable folder on my home server with all the installers of the applications that I use everyday. That, together with the recovery disk for the laptop, should see me through any computer problems that don't require actual hardware repairs.

After writing that, I found problems on the iBook. Dunno what they were--bit rot of some sort. When checking the disk didn't find any problems I just jumped to the obvious solution: I reinstalled the base software. Things seem okay now.

I read a bunch of short fiction by Clarion instructors earlier in the year, so I don't have much that I really have to read between now and when I go. That gives me some free reading time for novels by Clarion instructors. I'm most of the way through Pat Murphy's There and Back Again. It's delightful!


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