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Wednesday, 23 May 2001

Went through my list of things to pack and assigned each thing to a bag. Shifted a few things to a list of "things to box up an ship" instead. Deleted a few other things altogether, putting them on a list of "things to buy once I get there." I think I'll have everything I need and be able to carry it all.

I also hooked the laptop up to my printer and made sure that worked.

Really, I think I'm almost ready to go!

Got one of the urgent things I needed to do done at work. There's a lot more to do and just two days this week and four days next week to get them done. And there's no slack time at the end. I'm on the train heading north early Saturday morning.

No writing for the past couple of days. I am reading, though. I finished Blood Brothers and am working on Iron Shadows. I like a good thriller. Watched the season finales of "Buffy" and "Angel" last night. This evening we're going to watch the series finale of Voyager. We never watched Voyager regularly, but caught the odd eipsode here and there and usually enjoyed them.


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