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Friday, 25 May 2001

Day job news: I made some actual progress in the work I need to get done at work before I leave. It seems to be under control. I may want to go in for a few hours over the weekend even so.

I started working on my desert walk story. Steve asked to see the outline. He seemed to be kidding, but I didn't see any reason not to share it, so I sent him the outline, along with the text that I wrote years ago (1993 it turns out) that set up some of the characters, a piece of the situation, and a couple of events. We'll see if there's any value in getting comments at this stage.

I've got about 300 words written. I'll be able to grab a few more fragments from my old text, but not much. Aside from just being able to write a bit better now than then, I'm changing from first person to third person, so pretty much every sentence needs to be rewritten.

Jackie and I made it to weight lifting this morning. I didn't get a run in, though. I'll have to get back to that this weekend.


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