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Wednesday, 18 July 2001

Just about the time I started this journal, the Motorola Urbana Design Center moved from its old site in Urbana, which had offices, to its new site in Champaign, which has cubes. To help me cope, Jackie made me a cube quilt as a decoration for my new workspace.

It's a beautiful wall hanging. The quilt pattern is traditional (tumbling blocks), but instead of being all the same colors, or repeated colors in patterns, the colors flow smoothly from purple to blue to green and back to blue again. The cubes extend on beyond the border on all four sides, giving the quilt its name: An Endless Sea of Cubes.

I brought it with me to Clarion, partly so I could show it off, but mostly so that I could look at it for comfort and inspiration.

It's back in its place on my cube wall now.

We took a power hit at home as I was sitting down to write. The power came back up after forty minutes or so, but it seemed too late to get anything useful done. I have been thinking about my story, though. I think I have the combination of ideas that can make it work.


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