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Friday, 03 August 2001

I got up early in the morning and did just a little writing (180 words). This evening I got back to the story, but rather than writing I did some outlining. I have a "complete" outline, but I think there's too much there. I've got four major characters and fourteen scenes. The characters I think are okay. The scene count is too long. Maybe some scenes can be stuck together. Maybe some can be omitted. I'll do some more plotting tomorrow. Or, maybe I'll just write it. I know how it ends, so I could try making it up as I go along. The main thing it needs is for me to make it somehow personal for the hero. I'm not quite sure how to do that yet. (I just re-read that. It's a good thing I'm not trying to convince anybody I know what I'm doing with this story--that scattered analysis wouldn't help. I'll sleep on it. It'll be okay.)

I haven't been getting enough exercise. That's no doubt part of the reason I'm feeling over-stressed. Jackie and I got to the Fitness Center yesterday, which I don't think I remembered to mention. But that's not enough. I need to get some aerobic exercise.

Now, though, I'm going to go to bed.


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