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Tuesday, 07 August 2001

I've been writing over lunch the past couple of days, with considerable success. I got about 300 words written today over lunch.

It's kind of odd. Normally I do much better when I have an open-ended period for writing. Writing in the evening (with no particular time that I have to wrap things up) works much better than writing in the morning (when I have to stop when it's time to go to work, no matter what state the story is in).

But, for some reason, I've been doing pretty well just having a quick lunch and then getting in a half-hour or so of writing.

On top of my mid-day writing, I got another 700 or so words written this evening. That brings the story to 2200 words.

I ran this morning, for the first time in a long time. It was a predictably pathetic and feeble effort, but it was, at least, a run. Jackie and I lifted afterwards. As is usual after running, my lifting suffered. And I've been kind of stiff and sore all day. These things happen when I don't get my workouts in regularly.


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