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Monday, 13 August 2001

No writing today. After dinner I wasted an hour trying to get a computer game working through my firewall machine so I could play against my brother (unsuccessfully, but we have a couple theories), then Jackie and I watched "Angel."

I'll do some writing tomorrow.

Jackie and I did lift weights this morning. I ran some for my warm-up. Sadly, both the run and the weightlifting were pretty feeble.

The hard part of running is the first two or three weeks, when I go from being able to run about six minutes (pathetic) to being able to run for about twenty minutes. Once I can run for twenty minutes, the runs are pretty enjoyable. When I can only run for six, they're horrible. So why is it that I keep back-sliding? This summer I've worked up to being able to run for twenty minutes twice already. Now I have to do it again.

At work I had the review for the latest draft of the document I've been working on since I got back. It finally went okay. I'll make the fixes and then get it approved tomorrow. Then I get to work on another document.

This is normal, at this stage in a project. The code comes later. (I said normal, not ideal.)


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