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Saturday, 01 September 2001

I've done some more revising on "Political Science." There are two things I need to do with the story. One is just to explain a tiny bit of the background. The other is to bring out the meaning of the story. Happily, I think I can do that with the very same text as the explanation.

I'm not the only one not posting journal entries. Most of the journals I read have been pretty sparse these last few days. I figure, besides the people who are not posting because they're at WorldCon, there are all the people who are not posting because they figure most of the folks who read their journal are at WorldCon, and all the people who are not posting because they're depressed that they can't go to WorldCon.

No WorldCon for me, which is very sad, because several of my Clarion classmates are going to be there. I didn't have enough vacation time to go to WorldCon, but I do, once again, have a positive vacation balance (1.7 hours, as of today).

Geoff tried to explain to me that, once they made the mistake of letting you get your vacation balance negative, you should never let it go positive again. It's a good strategy, even if I didn't put it into practice myself.


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