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Friday, 07 September 2001

In day job news, I finished up another document task. Well, nearly finished--I may get one more batch of changes to make before I send it out. That leaves one more to do. Well, really two--but the other one isn't my task, I'll just be helping. And the one that's all mine will be really small. So, I'm almost to the point of being able to do some real work again. (And by "real work," I mean "write code.")

The system administration stuff I did yesterday worked: I can access my personal email from work by telnet-ing to my home server and then ssh-ing to Prairienet. Woo hoo.

No writing today, but I did do some thinking about the bookstore story. I need to dramatize more. The stuff I've got written so far works okay as a synopsis, but I need to write scenes with people who care about stuff. You know--same as usual.

Jackie and I went out to dinner at the Basmati. I had murgh khorma which was yummy.


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