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Tuesday, 18 September 2001

I got my first post-Clarion rejection today. But, I printed a fresh ms, cover letter, and SASE and packaged it up to go out to another market, so I still have three stories out.

I still haven't done any writing since Monday.

Sunday I headed down to Greenville (my second trip there in a week) to get my mom and bring her back here. She was scheduled to fly home on Monday, but there was no good backup plan if things didn't go smoothly. (In particular, if the flight got canceled, there wouldn't be any good way for her to get back to her sister's house where she'd been staying.)

I had suggested an alternative earlier: We could drive down and get her and bring her up here and she could take the train home. So, that's what we did.

She delayed her return for a few days, so she could spend some time with us. It's been fun to have her visiting.


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