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Friday, 12 October 2001

It's been a long week and I'm tired. Partly I've been working pretty hard. Partly, I suspect, it is the season. As the days get shorter I find that I need more and more sleep and have less and less energy, even when I'm awake. Exercise helps. Going ahead and getting the sleep I need helps. I suspect that spending a month or two in the tropics would help more, but I haven't been able to test that, yet.

I started making revisions on the Insurance story, working from the notes I made last night. I'm hopeful.

I didn't work much, though, because I'm reading the new Bujold story, just arrived in the mail from the Science Fiction Book Club. It's off to a great start. She's a master at setting stuff up for later payoff.

I'm sure glad it's the weekend.


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