Philip Brewer's Writing Progress


Saturday, 10 November 2001

I spent most of the afternoon working on "An Education of Scars." I'm pleased with it, even though I'm still struggling. I keep cutting away more and more of the stuff I really like, trying to get down to the essence of the story. That's really hard.

Jackie's spinning group had a meeting at which they spent some time making needle-felted balls. That sounded like something I could do (roll up a small ball of wool, poke at it with a long, sharp needle covered with tiny barbs, layer more wool on top, and repeat), so I made a ball as well. Once it was done, I gave it to Rapunzel as a cat toy. Now I'm thinking of making some mouse-shaped ones.

I started a subscription to Interzone and my first copy arrived today. I'd subscribed a few years ago, but it's just expensive enough and just hard enough to subscribe to, that I'd let it laps. I'm looking forward to reading it.


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