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Wednesday, 21 November 2001

Got a form rejection from Interzone. It's a good thing I got some stories out a day or two ago. Now I have five out, rather than the zero I'd have had if this had come back a few days earlier. Phew.

Jackie and I are going up to visit my dad for Thanksgiving.

Kelly Searsmith sent out e-mail to the folks we've been talking to who have expressed an interest in a speculative fiction writing group, inviting them to a first meeting where we could hash out things like when to meet and ground rules for things to be critiqued, etc. It'll be great if we can make this work.

I haven't actually written anything in several days. I've got this great idea turning over in my head, trying to turn into a story. I can't let that persist indefinitely, but I have this strong sense that, if I just give it a little more time, it'll be great.


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