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Saturday, 01 December 2001

I wrote a poem. I hardly ever write poems, but I had an idea for something that turned out to be a poem. I kind of like it. Jackie couldn't make any sense of it at all. I tweeked a couple of things and added another stanza that made it clearer, but I don't think the additions are an improvement. I think I'll keep the tweeks, but drop the extra stanza.

I've sent copies to a couple of people. I'll see what they think. Then I'll send some version of it out.

Besides the poem, I got some other useful stuff done. Jackie and I took the cat to the vet. (Just her annual check-up.) We went to the bookstore and finished up our Christmas shopping. We watched two Buffies.

I'm reading Agyar by Steven Brust. My excuse is that I'm doing research on vampire stories, but really I just wanted to read it.

The cable modem was down for several hours this morning, but is back on now. Supposedly they had us accidentally lumped in with some other group of customers that they were turning off on purpose.


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