T-shirt quotes (runners-up)

It's become a tradition for each Clarion class to create a t-shirt with a list of quotes from critique sessions on the back. All these are things people actually said about somebody's story. I think they're all funny, although some are only funny because they're presented out-of-context from the critique session while others are only funny if you were there and remember what was actually being talked about.

We had a vote to pick the quotes that went on the t-shirt. These are most of the quotes from the ballot that didn't make the final list. (I took out the quotes that went on the "underground" t-shirt. You'll have to track one of us down at a convention if you want to see those, too.)

Looking at my referrer logs, I see that this page is often found by people looking for quotes for running t-shirts. Sorry there's not more on this page about running. I am a runner, though. If you've a mind to, you can read about one of my favorite runs. I hope that makes your coming to this page worthwhile.

If reading this has stirred your interest in Clarion, the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers' Workshop, you can read all about my Clarion adventures in my Clarion journal.

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Philip Brewer
East Lansing, Michigan
2 July 2001