Philip Brewer's Writing Progress

In 2001 I attended Clarion, the science fiction and fantasy writers' workshop. Many people who had attended Clarion in the few years before me kept on-line journals. (Hilary Moon Murphy has a Clarion Journal Page if you want to read a few.) These journals had been important to me--although I had first heard of Clarion twenty years ago, it wasn't until I read some of these journals that it occurred to me to go to Clarion myself.

Because those journals were important to me, it seemed right to keep one myself.

When the end of 2001 came, I found that I didn't want to quit. So, this journal continues.

This journal has its roots in a journal I've kept on and off since 1995 (the name and header graphic dates from then), but that I hadn't made publicly available. I had decided that keeping track of my writing--how many words I wrote, how many stories I finished, how many I submitted to editors, and so on--might help me write more, finish more, submit more of my finished stories, and sell more of those that I submit. It was somewhat effective, and might have been more effective if I'd kept it more regularly.

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There are also archive pages for each year:

Journal homepage
Clarion 2001 journal