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Monday, 08 January 2001

Day job news: today was the first day of work at the new building. It is an enormous step down, because we've gone from having offices to having cubes. Except for that, though, the new building is better in almost every way--close to the University, closer to my apartment, great test lab, and so on. It all leaves me somewhat conflicted.

Nobody tried to get much work done today, we just unpacked boxes and tried to learn where our coworker's cubes are. We'll start finding out tomorrow how much less productive we'll be in cubes. (I have no doubt that we'll be less productive. The only question is, how much less.)

The most annoying thing so far is the white noise generator. It is intended, I suppose, to provide some "masking noise" to make other noises less distracting. But one of the speakers is directly above my cube. It gave me a headache.

On the writing front I got almost nothing done today. All I did was revise this journal page and watch the first part of the Ken Burns show on Jazz.

The Clarion application went in the mail Tuesday.

I've got one story in the works, that I hope to submit to Bruce Holland Rogers for the Bones of the Earth anthology. It is mostly written, but needs to be completely restructured. And that will no doubt entail some new writing as well. I'll get some work done on it tomorrow, despite Buffy.


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