Philip Brewer's Writing Progress


Sunday, 14 January 2001

Good progress writing today. I took the Goo story, trimmed out the flash-back scenes, and organized the rest of it around an outline. I still have parts of three scenes to write, but the bulk of the text is now written. It's around 2500 words.

Jackie and I went to the Fitness Center today--back on schedule for the first time in a long time. It wasn't as painful as it had been on Friday, but still hard. Another three or four regular visits will help a lot, I think.

The new building is shaping up okay. The white noise generator got turned off right away. (It may be back on, but at a much reduced volume. That's good enough.) I'm tending to eat out too much because of all the close restaurants, but I'll deal with that. It seems to be quiet enough to work most of the time so far.

Tonight we're going to watch "The man who knew too much." I figure there is no better place to learn about creating rising tension than Hitchcock movies.


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