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Thursday, 08 March 2001

Either I've got a cold or allergy season has started early this year. I don't feel very sick, so I was thinking allergies, but other spring allergy sufferers don't seem to be sniffling, so it is probably a cold. At least that means I'll probably feel better in a few days.

Got email saying that my check and enrollment forms for Clarion have arrived.

Read Brenda W. Clough's latest story in the April Analog with great pleasure. (Reading that was kind of a break--I've been focusing very much on stories by Clarion instructors.)

Last night and this evening have mostly be spent working on this journal. I spent one entire evening hacking the php code to link the entries. Then I wiped out my old site and uploaded a revised version, together with this journal. I think it is far enough along to announce, at least to other Clarioners.

Tomorrow I need to get back to writing.


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