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Saturday, 10 March 2001

Got some writing done, finally. I had almost given up on the island village story, where the hero's struggle had been mostly against his situation. But I think I see a way put in an actual adversary for him. That will make it easier to build some tension into the story, and make the resolution more satisfying. Plus, the adversary is an authority figure, and it's always good when you can make an authority figure the bad guy.

My cold finally seems to be letting up a bit. It was no better over night and I slept poorly, but since lunch time I've felt a lot less stuffy.

Lots of discussion in the Rumormill Clarion topic about on-line Clarion journals. The consensus seems to be that most people think a Clarion attendee's time would be better served writing, critting, or socializing. But, everybody likes reading them.

I had Jackie look over my journal, to make sure I wasn't saying anything about her that would make her uncomfortable. She said, "Based on what you wrote it sounds like I lift weights a lot and had a cold once." A rather limited picture of my charming wife.


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