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Tuesday, 17 April 2001

Barely any writing Sunday or Monday, although I did squeeze some time in over lunch today. I'm up to 1485 words in the island village story. I like what I've got, too. It holds together. That'll probably be it for today, though, as there's a new "Buffy" and new "Angel" on TV tonight, so I'm not likely to get much more done.

Too much time spent over the weekend configuring my server. I wanted to get netatalk working so that I could access server volumes on my laptop. The plan is to use that for backup while I'm at Clarion. I've mostly got it working. Still an issue trying to use the file synchronization tool, though. I may have to just make copies.

In addition to not enough writing I haven't gotten enough running in either. I ran on Friday before lifting weights. The Fitness Center was closed on Sunday. Jackie and I went on Monday, but it was too cold to run. I did 15 minutes on the stationary bike. It was some aerobic exercise, but not as much as a run. Still cold again today and cold is predicted for tomorrow as well. I probably need to fit in some time on a treadmill. It's supposed to start getting warmer, though, and should be warm enough again by Friday.

Forty-seven days till Clarion. (I am not counting the days. I have a financial calculator that has a delta days function. When I want to know how many days are left I calculate the answer. Calculating is not counting.)


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