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Sunday, 29 April 2001

The folks on the Clarion mailing list were talking about ways to get acquainted. One suggestion that people liked was to post the list a short-short story. The proposed length was 500 words.

I almost never write short-shorts--it isn't my natural length and they're very hard to sell. I do sometimes think of short-shorts though. One idea in particular has been nagging me. I've been resisting, but did plan to eventually write it. Writing a story for the list seemed like a good excuse. So I wrote it last night. It went very quickly. I sent it off to the list this morning. I'm actually very pleased with it. I'll have to look into markets for short-shorts. I'll check out some on-line markets, which I've mostly not considered up to this point.

Jackie and I were watching "Hamlet" last night on video--a fairly new production with the settings modernized. Hamlet's father was (and uncle now is) CEO of the Denmark Corporation. He's staying in Hotel Elsinor. It seems strange, but the updating actually works pretty well.

Got in a run yesterday. Today I went for a walk around Meadowbrook park with Jackie. There are a couple of new sculptures. There were lots of people, bicycling, rollerblading, and scootering as well as walking.


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