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Wednesday, 02 May 2001

Got my run in today. I went for 2 miles, rather than just 1.5. It went okay--I had the aerobic capacity and my legs held up fine. The only problem was, I was tired. And that was just because I ran in the evening after work.

Not much writing for the past few days--we've been watching movies. On Tuesday we watched Buffy and Angel. Tonight we watched "The Bandit Queen," an Indian film based on the true story of a low-cast woman married off at age 11 who takes up with some bandits and becomes a bandit leader.

Things have quieted down on the Clarion mailing list. We've gone from ten or more messages a day back down to just one or two. No new people have joined in several days.

Tuesday I had lunch with the inestimable John Savage, regular on the Speculations Rumor Mill. (After reading his posts for years, I recently discovered that he's almost a neighbor.)


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