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Saturday, 05 May 2001

Got some errands run today. I ran in the morning--my longest run of the year, although probably not as long as 2.5 miles. Then Jackie and I went to the Fitness Center and lifted. On the way we stopped off at Kinko's so I could make a copy of the check for my story and then at the bank so I could deposit it. (I'm sure I'll get over making copies of my checks, but since I'm selling stories at the rate of one every two years, I figure it counts as a harmless affectation so far.)

In the afternoon we put up a mirror. These apartments don't have mirrors, you have to put up your own. And, they don't want you putting them up on doors, so we had to find a spot to put it on the wall. But we were successful.

We also went to the bicycle store and bought a new inner tube and a floor pump. For years I've gotten by with just the frame pump I have for emergencies and gas station compressors, but I've gotten tired of that. So, now I've got a good pump with a built-in gage so I can pump my tires up to the right pressure easily.

I want to start riding again. I hate buying gas at current prices. The new Motorola site is a bit closer than the old one and should be quite easy to ride to, so it ought to be pretty easy to ride to work at least 4 days a week. That would cut down on fuel consumption to the point where it almost wouldn't matter what the price was.

There's a great Mexican restaurant very close to our apartment. They have quick service and serve good, cheap food. Because they're so handy, we often go there when we suddenly decide to eat out, such as when we realize that it's dinner time and that we failed to get to the grocery store and buy something we need to fix dinner. This usually works out great. Today, however (and you've no doubt seen this coming), is Cinco de Mayo. This is not the first time we've gone there and been puzzled about how busy they are until we realize what day it is. However, it all worked out fine. We waited about fifteen minutes at the bar, had a drink, and then got seated and had a great dinner. Even so, I hope eventually to quit making this particular mistake.


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