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Wednesday, 09 May 2001

A day for taking care of small tasks. Went to the doctor for a checkup. Wrote a letter to clear up an address change. Filled out the official Clarion "participant information" form. Answered the unofficial Clarion questionnaire. Ordered some stuff I want to bring to the dorm.

I've been getting my running in--ran Saturday, Monday, and today. Sunday I got our bicycles working and Jackie and I rode to the Motorola office (checking a possible route for riding to work). If I wake up earlier enough tomorrow, I'm planning to bicycle to work.

I haven't gotten much writing done. The closest is that I have been accumulating ideas for stories. I'd like to have at least a dozen story ideas, just in case nothing occurs to me while I'm there. (I've never found coming up with ideas to be the hard part, but having a file of them can't hurt.)


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