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Friday, 29 June 2001

A chance to sleep late doesn't do me nearly as much good as getting to bed early. Because I don't sleep late. I got up at 6:30 this morning, just like every morning.

It's hot. Hot and humid, just like it's supposed to be at Clarion. We've actually had a lot of really good weather. But I enjoy the heat, so I'm not unhappy to get a bit of it.

We did another of our practice reading sessions today. There was a smaller turnout this time, but six or eight of us read something, and there were about as many more who just came to listen. Lots of good stuff.

Most of the group is going to see A.I. this evening. But they're going to a 9:00 showing. There's a non-zero chance that I'll fall asleep in a 9:00 movie under the best of circumstances, but today? I'd be out before they finished the previews.

So, I stayed home. I'm going to take it easy for just a few minutes, then upload this journal entry and go to bed.

I went for a run this morning. Fair. I lifted weights this afternoon. That was better than fair.

Pat said we should take it easy this weekend. There's only one story to read for Monday. We should get lots of sleep; do something besides reading, writing, and critiquing; eat something besides Owen cafeteria food. I'll do that. I also still need to finish my latest story--I got nothing done today. But I thought of an idea for my next story, which is always good motivation to finish the current one.

I was one of the people noting down t-shirt quotes early on, so everyone assumed I was the t-shirt committee. I've tried to organize something for the front of the t-shirt, although my own interest was mostly in the back (the quotes). I distributed a list of possible quotes for people to vote on. If you want to know the winners, you'll have to track one of us down at a convention. But I'll post the runners-up here on the journal in a couple days.

Good night. Sleep tight. Don't let the sneaky eggplant people bite.


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