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Thursday, 23 August 2001

Done! Well, not really done. But I have sort-of finished a zeroth draft of my mummy story. I threw a bunch of things into the last couple of paragraphs that I didn't set up at all yet. Plus, I realized that the linear structure doesn't suit the story--I think it'll want to have a wrapper story. But I rather like it. There's a lot to work with. I'm pleased.

It came in at 5020 words. That's 1150 new today. A big chunk of those got written over lunch at the office. (Although I ended up not using a couple hundred words from that period. They're in a "fragments" file. Some may make it back into the story.) It'll grow, though, if I put in a wrapper story. On the other hand, maybe I can cut some.

Next I get to revise a Clarion story! That'll be a treat.

I didn't write the previous two days. I didn't exercise either. Work was busy. (That same, stupid document I'd been working on for weeks got one last set of comments from the people who needed to formally approve it. I made the changes and then put the "approved" version in all the places it needed to go. I think I've finally driven a stake through its heart.) Aside from work I did some pleasure reading. I finished American Gods (wonderful) and read some more stories from Kelly Link's Stranger Things Happen. I'd been saving the last few Kelly Link stories. I almost never do that. If I think a story is going to be wonderful, I read it the first chance I get. But I've been savoring the Kelly Link stories, reading them one at a time.

I'm looking forward to getting another Clarion story out.


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