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Friday, 24 August 2001

Today was fun. I spent the evening on a rewrite of my Sthii story. It's not really a Clarion story: It was a submission story, the last story I wrote before I sent in my application to Clarion. It didn't get critiqued by the class, but Kelly Link read it and liked it (Kelly Link liked my story!) and James Patrick Kelly gave me a great little idea for improving it.

It was a pretty modest rewrite. I slipped in Jim's idea. I trimmed a few bits here and there so it isn't much longer. Geoff Landis had suggested a few questions that ought to be answered by the text. I got a couple of the answers in, but need to look hard at the others and see if I can use the answers to them to make the background just a bit richer.

I think I'll finish the rewrite tomorrow. I don't think I'll try to get it done in time to get it into the mail tomorrow, though. Monday will be soon enough. Maybe even a few days later, if I decide to get a couple people to read it before I send it out.

Since this was a both a minor rewrite and a non-Clarion story, I think I'll do another before starting on a new story.

I'm having a wonderful time.


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