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Monday, 05 November 2001

I got one ms ready to send out today. I had two come back, one just before I left for Finland and one just after I returned. I hadn't gotten them turned around, just because I was busy. The study where I usually work is also the guest room, so it was occupied while Jackie's mom was here. I still got my writing done, because I can do that on the laptop anywhere, but the printer and the supplies (paper, envelopes, labels, etc.) are all stored in the guest room. I'm sure Barbara would have been happy to let me work in her room, but she was going to be here less than a week, so I let it wait until today.

I got a thank-you note from Karina for getting a critique back to her quickly. It wasn't any superhuman effort, though--I just did the critique the next morning. It's always fun to critique Karina's stories because she writes so well.

Even as I was writing this journal entry, I got email from Susan Lee, the editor at Speculations. She wants to buy an article I wrote. The article is called "Story Structure in Short Stories," and is about what I learned about story structure at Clarion. So, woo hoo for me!


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