Philip Brewer's Writing Progress


Sunday, 16 December 2001

I did some work on the mummy story. It's turning out to be a more complex story than I'd initially imagined. I had written it as a story of revelation, where the hero figures out what's going on at the end. But that doesn't seem to work. I think the hero needs to figure out what's going on in the middle, and then (because of that new understanding) change his approach about how he's working toward his (slightly different) goal. That makes it a longer story, of course. I think there's enough meat to this one to pull that off.

I did get some of the reading that I'd planned done. I finished the current Asimov's and started in on Interzone. (The October Interzone, that is. The November issue also arrived (a couple days earlier, in fact. I'll get to it shortly.)


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