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Monday, 31 December 2001

Happy New Year!

I finished a draft of my mummy story! I'll make one more pass over it tomorrow, to tidy up stuff that I broke in the frenzy of finishing it, but it's in pretty good shape. It didn't just grow by the 200 words that I'd predicted, though. I added a good 2000 words today, bringing it up over 7500. Hopefully some of those will go when I make my revision pass.

I read two of the stories for next week's writing group meeting and did my critique of one of them. Both good stories. I'll post my new story tomorrow, after that revision pass.

After the writing was done, I made most of the revisions necessary in the code for this journal to get it ready for 2002. (Let me know if you notice anything broken.)

With all that work accomplished, I spent the rest of the afternoon playing StarCraft with my brother and his son.

Now I'm sitting in the living room with my sweety, typing on my laptop. I've got a bourbon and coke and just made a hot milk and rum for Jackie. I don't know if we'll stay up to see the new year or not, nor much care. I'm sure I'll be happy either way.

We should have gone to lift weights today, but were too lazy to get out in the cold. And the Fitness Center is closed tomorrow, so it won't be until the Wednesday that we get the workout in.

I had not really planned to continue this journal into next year. I thought of it as a Clarion journal and thought its scope would be from (roughly) when I applied to Clarion through finishing the rewrites of my Clarion stories and getting them out to markets. But I've enjoyed this journal. I'll be keeping it for a while longer.


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