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Tuesday, 08 January 2002

I finished the first pass through my rewrite of "An Education of Scars." It grew only modestly, coming in now at 6500 words.

I'll have to let it sit before I can know just what I think of it. The new text needs some polishing. The last few sentences aren't quite right. The title, which was perfect before, may not quite fit. But I rather like this vision of my story. It's quite different from my original vision, but it's a good vision. Probably a better vision.

At work yesterday, one of my coworkers pointed out that it was still light out at 4:08 PM. In fact (I noticed when I headed home) it was not yet pitchy black even at 5:08. It makes it just a little bit easier to tolerate winter, to see that the days really are getting longer.


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