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Saturday, 19 January 2002

Jackie and I proved ourselves to be very lazy today. We went so far as to get bundled up against the cold and drive to the Fitness Center and take our warm-up walk, only to wimp out and not actually lift weights. Instead, we went to Panera for lunch and then home again.

I suppose it would have been lazier still to just stay home, but to come that close to lifting weights and then not just seemed the acme of laziness to me.

We had an excuse: Jackie had an inlay come out, so she's feeling like an invalid.

I did type up my critique for the Chambana Speculations meeting tomorrow. Luckily for lazy me, the other story being critiqued is mine, so I've only got the one story to critique.

I finished Michael Chabon's The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay last night. What a wonderful book! It's not really speculative fiction, exactly, but there's a kind of sf sensibility about it. Now I'm reading William Browning Spencer's Resume with Monsters, which is hilarious.

It's time to start a new story. I've got several rewrites on tap, but I've been doing too much rewriting and too little new composition lately. So, I'll finish my current rewrite over the weekend and then start something new.


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