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Wednesday, 30 January 2002

I'm continuing my research for the yurt story. Actually, I'm over-doing the research. All I needed to know was a bit about the religion of pre-Islamic, pre-Buddhist central Asia. But the horsemen of the steppes turn out to be terribly interesting. Most of what I've learned, though, won't end up in the story.

Fellow Clarion 2001 grad Rick Polney has started an on-line journal of his very own. His first entry is kind of like what you'd expect, only more so. It reminded me of when Karina did her impression of Rick introducing himself. The real Rick could seem like today's journal entry, but he'd have to work pretty hard at it.

Jackie and I made it to the Fitness Center. It was too cold and wet to manage our outdoor warm up walk, so we just cycled indoors.

Aside from that it was just work and a couple episodes of Buffy off the DVD. In fact, we're down to just two, now. We're hoping to save them. There'll be two Buffies on Saturday and possibly one on Sunday on the local WB station (We don't have a UPN affiliate). Then there'll probably be an Angel on Monday. So, if we can make it till the weekend without finishing off the DVDs, we ought to be able to hang on until Tuesday. Anyhow, that's our plan.

To help us carry out our plan, we have one other new DVD, "The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the Eighth Dimension," one of the three best movies of the 1980s. We'll watch that either tomorrow or Friday.

Jackie's needs to fast tomorrow morning for a blood test. She always suffers when she fasts, poor thing.

I saw a movie when I was a kid with some African Bushmen hunting an giraffe. They stalk it and hit it with poison spears, then they track it for three days, walking many miles each day, fasting the whole time. That movie made a big impression on me. I was surprised to see that you could fast for days and be physically active at the same time.

Jackie saw the same movie, but it didn't make the same impression on her. I was impressed by what a human could do. She just felt bad for the giraffe.

Apparently at some point I made disparaging remarks about our hedgehog nativity scene to someone on the phone, supposedly referring to the knitting supplies that Mary had on hand as being inauthentic. I don't remember any such disparagement, but Jackie was quite pleased to show me an art book she got out of the library which has an entire section on knitting Madonnas. So I'm setting the record straight right here: Knitting and Madonnas go together like... well, no simile comes to me at the moment, but like two things that go together really well.


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