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Tuesday, 05 February 2002

I had some success at work today. The bug I found yesterday was, in fact, the bug causing the panic, so that's fixed. On the other hand, fixing that just exposed a (probably unrelated) data freeze. And when that doesn't happen, there's still the data loss/corruption that was what I was actually supposed to be fixing. Still, some success is better than none.

Jackie met me for lunch, which was nice.

I worked a bit late, then spent what was left of the evening writing. The non-lethal story demanded my attention, so that's what I've been working on. I don't have the end yet, which makes everything I'm working on rather tentative. I've got the situation and the characters pretty much figured out, but without the end I'm not sure where the beginning needs to be.

I've got a good enough idea of everything that I think it'll all come together pretty quickly, once I know how it ends. In the meantime, I've just started in on one idea for the first scene. Maybe my subconscious will give me what I need. It's happened before.

Jackie and I went to the Fitness Center. I added 10 minutes on the cycle to warm up again after my so-called warm-up walk left me chilled to the bone.


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