Philip Brewer's Writing Progress


Saturday, 16 February 2002

Okay, this is getting annoying. I wrote another 800 words or so, most of which are perfectly good prose but are not part of any actual story. I'm going to try this again, and the words had better make a story this time, or they're in big, big trouble.

Besides that, I managed to get things back working again after the network switchover, despite some problems on my firewall, thanks to some help from a friend and coworker. For some reason I was able to get a DHCP lease by running dhclient on the command line, but when it's running as a daemon it just gets Very annoying. Hopefully, upgrading to the latest OpenBSD will fix it. Aside from that problem, things are okay. I have network connectivity, and can read my email, surf the web, etc.


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