Philip Brewer's Writing Progress


Friday, 22 February 2002

Good writing today. I did major rework on the non-lethal story, mostly in the second half (the part I'd written yesterday). Then I made a quick editing pass over the whole thing and touched up the prose a bit. Then I copied it to the Chambana Speculations website.

Prairienet was down from about midnight Thursday until around noon on Friday. During that time email to me was bouncing with a misleading error message. (An error message that would have led one to believe that Prairienet was fine, but that I didn't have an account there anymore.) Anyhow, it's fixed now. If you tried to send me email and it bounced, I should be able to get it now.

My boss sent email asking us all to come in and work on the weekend to try to meet a Monday deadline. I said I would. These extra hours are beginning to wear on me.


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