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Monday, 08 April 2002

I'm back.

A little over a week ago Jackie had a suspicious indication turn up in a routine test. She had (relatively minor) surgery Friday, and we got the results today that everything's okay. The odds were with us. They said that 85% of the time this particular suspicious thing turns out to be fine, but the other 15% of the time it's very serious. So, we weren't panicking, but we were pretty anxious.

So, the reason I haven't been updating here is that I haven't been writing, and the reason I haven't been writing is that I've been obsessing about Jackie's health. But everything turns out to be okay, so we will now resume our previous lives, already in progress.

(I'm not so much trying to be secretive here as just avoiding certain words so that this page doesn't come popping up in search engines.)

I spent Friday at the hospital, then Saturday and Sunday at home taking care of Jackie. They said she could resume normal activity on Sunday, but she figured as long as I was around she'd wait until Monday. So I did most of the housekeeping for a couple days. Sunday I baked a pizza for dinner, which turned out very well, although the process didn't go quite as smoothly as when I used to make pizzas every week or two.

Today we celebrated, going to the Basmati for dinner.

Tomorrow I'll get back to, well, the taxes. Then, the next day, back to writing.


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